This is the blog of Abha & Stewart. We are in our thirties and live in Dubai. We have everything we need and want. Our lives are family orientated, loving, fun, challenging and while purposeful, are missing the ability to make a difference.


Now we feel it’s time to give back. We have a burning desire to make a difference. We want to have a social impact. We want to lend our skills to help social problems.

However, we really don’t know where to start. We hope this blog will help us figure it out. We will post about all the ideas, initiatives and social enterprises that inspire us, with the aim to find and consolidate our own idea. We will also share any links that help us, hoping to make the blog as resourceful as possible.

We could have just opened a folder on our computers, however we thought there must be many others like us who have the desire to create an impact, but don’t know where to begin. We hope this site will help them too.

This is our journey, your journey, everybody’s journey…let’s see where it takes us!



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