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Start with some yoga

A rough patch in my life lead me to yoga in 2012 when I was 32 years old. Having done Vipassana, I knew how to meditate but was too restless to sit through it. I needed a moving meditation of sorts to centre me, and calm my restlessness and angst. I am so grateful to have found it in yoga, which is so fulfilling for both mind and body.

I do wish I had found it earlier though, which is why the Alo Gives initiative resonates with me so much. They have launched a free educational platform in collaboration with Scholastic which guides you to doing yoga with your children, with the goal of encouraging them to start as early as possible. Yoga, breathing and mindfulness activities can help children to quiet their minds, find calm when challenged, mute negativity and increase focus.

The site has 12 weeks of classes; each session is no longer than 5 minutes and can be done anywhere without the need for anything else.

Now married and mother to a 1 year old, good health of mind and body is central to our well-being more than ever, and a subject close to my heart that I don’t discuss often enough. I started yoga at 32, I wish for my daughter to find it much earlier!

So, if you are looking for some calm and energy to focus, start with some yoga. If you can’t step out for a class, you can do a class from the comfort of your home with Alo Moves. Sometimes you need to start with yourself, before you find your ‘something’.

NB: This is not an ad, nor done in collaboration with Alo Moves. I use the site for my own practice at home and have found it often a better use of my time than going to a class, so thought I would share!
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