Donate to the disaster in Guatemala

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Some of you who follow this blog will know that my brother has started with his something in Guatemala. You can read about what he is up to in his blog here.

Here’s a message I got from him today:

I couldn’t imagine a volcano would fatally erupt somewhere I live. It has been almost 2 weeks since Volcán de Fuego erupted here in Guatemala, and though you might not see much in the news, the situation here is still dire. In addition to the 100+ people killed, there are hundreds or even thousands of people missing, as two entire towns were destroyed by the explosion and its aftermath. More than 1.7 million people have been affected.

What can you do?

The biggest need right now is building homes and shelters, temporary and permanent. There are two places you can donate to that are doing this:

1) TECHO Guatemala:

2) Habitat for Humanity, Guatemala:

Unfortunately we cannot control the damage caused by natural disasters, but we can help those who are suffering because of it. Please donate if you can. Latest on the eruption here.


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