We are back: Part 2

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We are sorry to have been MIA for a while. Again. We became parents of a beautiful little girl. Between the hormones and absolute joy of becoming parents, this site took a back step.

Having a baby has given us a tremendous boost to follow our hearts; to start with something as we look towards the next phase of our life. Although it’s easy for life’s mundanities to get in the way, I hope we are able to stay true to this little project moving forward.

What you can expect over the next few months is: an overhaul of this site; regular posts; and better organized content. If we have any readers out there who are eagerly waiting for our next post 🙂 we would love any feedback you might have. What would you like to see on here? Do you find the site easy to browse? What are we missing?

In other updates:
– Almost 2.5 years later, we are still vegetarian and loving it. I am proud to say that 90% of what we consume is unprocessed; and 50% is vegan.
– We continue to watch some great health and climate related documentaries: Before the Flood; What the Health and Earthlings to name a few.
– A useful site: The Skimm – it will give you an entertaining summary of most important things happening in the world, with short unbiased detail as to why you should care. If you are short on time, a great way to keep up to speed with world news.
– Some books that have inspired us:
 Tribe of Mentors by Tim Ferris: Nuggets of inspiration and advice from over 100 successful people across all industries.
Sapiens by Yuval Hariri: An uniquely articulate book narrating the history of mankind. It provides great perspective on the state of the world today, how we got here and what we can expect in the future.

That’s all for now. We hope you stay tuned!


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