A wee step towards green living in Dubai

green-worldAs much as the intention exists, it’s an effort to be sustainable in Dubai. However, a little effort can take you far if you find the right information and connections. Here are a few valuable resources that can help you be a little bit greener in the UAE:

Goumbook: Launched by two ladies living in Dubai who wanted to live sustainably but didn’t find the means to do it easily, this online portal started off in 2009 as a directory for sustainable services and products. Now it has expanded into a comprehensive reference point for green practices in the Gulf region. It includes a news section, a tree planting programme, and a no plastic initiative. Even the website is carbon neutral! Worth checking out for some easy access to making a shift towards sustainable living.

Dubai Chamber Sustainability Directory: Part of the Chamber’s Centre for Responsible Business, this is a comprehensive listing of sustainable products, services and businesses in the UAE. Great list to begin with, especially if you are in a company that is looking to work with green suppliers. (Disclosure: I work at the Dubai Chamber)

We used to have The Change Initiative in Dubai, a project that aimed to be the world’s largest wholesale supplier for sustainable products. They had a shop for consumers that sadly had to close because they couldn’t get the sales they needed to keep it running.

It’s the preconception that if it’s sustainable or organic, it’s more expensive. This may be true in some cases, but not all. If it’s green and you can afford it, we highly recommend you opt for it. Green products should be mass produced and accessible to all; increased buying of such products from individuals like us will help this process!

If you know of any similar credible resources in the region, please share them in the comments.



  1. I saw my blog name ‘Green Living In Dubai’ in your title, but unfortunately no mention of my blog which I started in 2009 to spread awareness about sustainable living 🙂
    You can find many initiatives and helpful things on my blog about going green in Dubai!

  2. Thank you for highlighting how different the experience is of going green depending on where you are… it really hadn’t occurred to me. But it makes sense!

    I can see how much I take for granted the green resources around me. Thank you!

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