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Following the conscious buying motive, another gift Stewart got for his birthday is a solar phone charger and light from Waka Waka. We often have conversations about how we can save resources and live a sustainable or self-sustaining life. A solar charger was a small step in that direction! wak2

A social impact company with a mission to provide universal access to the abundant energy of the sun, Waka Waka products have reached over 1.1 million people across 47 countries with no access to electricity by providing them with almost 224,000 lights.

They partner with aid organisations all over the world to help them provide light to those displaced by a humanitarian crisis, or to those who cannot afford electricity. For example, via the Red Cross they have donated 10,000 solar slights to Syrian refugees, and almost 12,500 lights to 56 projects in Liberia.

waka waka 3

According to the World Bank, around 1.1 billion people globally still live without access to electricity. Once the sun goes down, they have to do their tasks in pitch-black darkness. Children can’t study; they cannot cook food without being victim to tremendous pollution; and if phones are out of battery, they are cut off from the world unless they find a charging station.

The solar phone charger I bought will charge a phone in two hours, and has a light that will last 150 hours; and it arrived in three days of purchase. Best thing is, when you buy a product from them, you get a special code which you can use to donate a light someone who needs it.

wakIt’s not the cheapest charger-light, and shipping costs were quite high; however, considering its sustainable nature, and all the great work they are doing, it is money well spent.


    • Ah yes, we donated to a project called Safe Light for Nigerians, based out of Yola, that works with Oxfam Novib to help internally displaced people who have escaped Boko Haram and are in temporary camps. More info on this project and the others can be found on

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