Birthday with a cause: Teach your kids the value of giving back


I have always wondered, that if I have children in Dubai, how will I keep them grounded? How will I make them appreciate and be grateful for everything they have? How will I raise them to be full of gratitude and humility? How will I make them understand the value and importance of giving back?

I, unfortunately, don’t have answers to those questions (yet!), however sites such as,, and give you a great place to start with something.

They encourage your children to ask guests invited to their birthday party to contribute towards a cause rather than towards a gift for them. The Echoage and KidsCanGiveToo model splits the money contributed 50/50 towards charity of your choice, and towards a gift your child has asked for.

CommuniGift identifies a less fortunate child that shares the same birthday as your child and all gifts go to that child. The children at the birthday party receive a box with “I gift back” wristbands and stickers to share with their guests, as well as a note thanking the child for using their birthday to give back. All sites are linked to credible non-profit organisations.

It is a win-win situation where you get to discuss giving back with your children, involve them to do so with their friends, and get something in return too. Simple, effective, and can even be used for adult occasions!

How do you keep your children grounded? If you have any more ideas or links to similar sites, please share!


  1. Hello! I really like your blog 🙂

    Leading my example is a great way to instil values in your kids. This is my favourite birthday fundraising campaign. It’s meant for adults but still very cool. If kids see you doing something then they’ll be excited to try it out as well

    I also like the idea of volunteering with children. I found this list of ideas a while back

    • Hey Yanique, thank you! I’d love to read your blog too – however seems I need permission? Would be great to get access to read what you write 🙂

      Thank you for the links to these birthday charity ideas, have bookmarked both for when our birthdays come next!

      • I’d be happy to have you read my stuff! I think you might be trying to follow an old blog of mine. Here’s where I am now

      • Thanks for the new link! Interesting blog. We have very similar aspirations 🙂 I look forward to listening to your upcoming podcasts!

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