Be a CliMate: Change your diet, change the world

vegIf there is one thing you can do for yourself and the planet, from the comfort of your home, it’s turn vegetarian. Or at least reduce your meat consumption.

You will feel healthier, lighter, and more energetic; you will lose weight; your skin will look better, and you will save money. What’s more, you will play a massive role in helping our wonderful planet become more sustainable. When former meat-lovers like us can do it – and  feel amazing for it – you’ve got to believe you can do it too, and you will thank yourself for it.

“What difference will it make to the world if it’s just me who stops eating meat? Everyone else will still be relishing their steak!” I hear you ask. Well, you will not be alone! You will become part of a growing number of “CliMates” – environment conscious people who have changed their diets to reduce climate change.

An intelligent play of word (primates – cliMates), CliMates is a social network created to increase awareness of issues related to meat consumption, and form a community of like-minded people in the process. The site is run by volunteers and so far it seems to have about 400 members. They connect to provide each other tips on ways to live more sustainably, primarily by changing your diet.

Pretty neat that an initiative like this has started and is gathering momentum, slowly but surely. It offers facts and advice on how to start, and a provides a community to help you stick to your goals, or find easy ways to make the shift.

Last year in Paris, the 195 nations signed an historic agreement to combat climate change. They committed to work towards keeping a global temperature rise this century well below 2 degrees Celsius. A recent report by Chatham House argues that without large-scale action to reduce our meat consumption, this goal is impossible to achieve. It also demonstrates that the likelihood of people to change their habits is directly related to their awareness: more the awareness, more the likelihood towards change.

We have limited influence and control over what government and authorities do, but we have full control over what we do, and large influence over our family, friends and colleagues. Networks like CliMates that bring people together to form peer groups for change, are a necessary pathway to making a difference.

Altering your diet (although not straightforward) is a small change with a HUGE impact. As a conscientious individual, why would you not at least consider it?



  1. Dear Smiling Pilgrim, those vegetables were sooooo good. Seriously. We shall be sharing more of our salads as we create them. If you’d like to know more please get in touch. Best, Stewart

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