Social enterprise: Socks with character and a cause

fazl-junglee-1_1024x1024The more I read about social enterprises, the more I feel closer to the idea, and the more I want to just start something. The tussle really is balancing it with a full time job; not being ready to quit and take the leap just yet.

No, it’s just about getting our act together, and doing it.

There are so many good ideas out there, and, like a good friend of mine said to me a long time ago, you don’t have to reinvent the wheel; if you like an idea – copy it! That’s what I felt I should do when I read about these guys who launched Fazl Socks. They found a community with a skill, they employed them to make something, they pay them a fair wage for their handiwork; and sell their products. A percentage of profits go to a cause.

Started only last year by a young Canadian couple, Fazl Socks employs about 50 women in North India to make these super funky socks. They are special because they are handmade, Himalayan, and they have a personality of their own – these wild “junglee” socks – that would be perfect to wear if you were riding a unicorn, are my favourite. 50% of their profits go to a charity called Child of Mine that works to provide a better life for orphaned children in India. I must get some pairs for the family for the next time we go to a cold country.

Their products are unique, they serve a market (Canada) that really needs them, AND it they have social impact. So simple. So effective.

The idea is not new, and there are many others doing similar things. This one struck a chord with me – perhaps because of how raw it is – so thought I would share, maybe it will ignite something in you too!

If you know of any awesome, grassroots social enterprises that need to be known about, please share them here! I would love to be inspired and write about them.

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