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involverDedicate some time to find ways to make a difference and it is amazing what you can discover. The great initiatives coming out of Dubai are just not talked about enough.

My latest find is Involver, a mobile app that gamifies volunteering, creating a peer-to-peer social network of doing good in the process.

It’s a location based app that allows you to choose a cause and related volunteer event at any point in time, depending on where you are. If you find an event you would like to attend, it takes no time to register for it. It also allows you to see all the other people active on the app, or who have registered for the event you are interested in. You can see what causes they care about, which communities they are part of, what their skills are, photos from events attended, and if they have won any rewards for volunteering via the app. You can of course chat or befriend them if you like!

Launched by Chad Smalley and Kevin Chua mid last year, they vow that they only work with the best NGO’s, charities and other social good partners. They thoroughly research the partners they work with, and encourage feedback from the volunteers. They plan to have a rating system soon for both volunteers and organizations to build up trust.

In Dubai alone, they are linked with close to 30 organisations – many I had not heard of before! You can read about them and connect with these organisations via the app, too.

The app can currently be used in the UAE (which has about 1000 members so far!), Lebanon, Jordan, Palestine, Thailand, Singapore, Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, India, Pakistan, and Nepal.

Quite cool. Worth checking out!


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