Restoring hope, little by little

Having wanted to sponsor a child for a while, we finally did it last year.

I think the main reason we hadn’t done it till now was because we really didn’t know where to give our money.  Which organisation should we go through? Which country should the child be from? Does it matter? Will they really get the money?

And then some of the organisations that seemed legit, made you choose the child you wanted to sponsor. Of course the intention is good, however they are not products, and it felt wrong to be picking a child based on a picture, age, gender and country. Who are we to decide? So the decision was stalled.

Friends of ours visited an organization called New Hope Cambodia while they were on holiday; the organisation has a restaurant attached to it, where you can have an authentic Cambodian meal while you visit it. According to their feedback, our own research, and a gut instinct we got from speaking to the team at New Hope, we decided to go with them. They are a grass roots organization that is clearly doing good work – specifically in children’s education – however are under-resourced, straining their ability to do everything they would like to for the children they support.

We have sponsored two children, for a year, for now; with the aim to continue. We were assured that the money went to the children that needed it the most. It was interesting to know that the money is going to children who are 12 and 10 years old (rather than younger); this because at this age, they become able to work so parents usually take them out of school so that they can contribute to family income. If they have funds, they are more likely to keep them in school.

So far we have received detailed profiles of the children, and a school report. It was humbling (and heart-breaking) to realise how their father supports them earning only $3 a day, for 9 hours of work.

We have sent the kids a letter introducing ourselves. We hope to send them an educational package soon. If we go to Cambodia, we have the option of meeting them, too.

The kids are doing great at school, and we are happy to be making a small difference in their lives.

If you are looking to send a little money their way, here is a link to more information.

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