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Experteering: Volunteering your skills abroad

What can be better than taking a break that can help you explore your new destination, immerse yourself in a new culture AND do some work that has a social impact?

As you might be aware, the issue with volunteer vacations is often that they are expensive. And your skills don’t always match organization you choose.  A solution to that is what is called “experteering”.

Coined by the organization Moving Worlds, the term means Expertise + Volunteering; in other words, offering your skills for social impact when you travel.  See here how it is different to voluntourism.

We were very impressed by their website and what they have to offer. They charge a membership fee, but it seems you are paying for reliability and it is much cheaper than what you would pay to be a volun-tourist.

Definitely something to consider for our next trip. Also, I can see us running something like this. Much food for thought!

Have you experteered? Do you know of any other such sites? Let us know!

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