How instagram changed someone’s life

A friend of ours regularly visits Zanzibar in Tanzania. The guide that helps them get around there is a lovely chap called Azizi – who I have also had the privilege to meet. He is a great guide, truly passionate about the island he grew up in.

Having been brought up in Stone Town, and not having traveled much further, his language and self-marketing skills are limited, resulting in a lot of tourist-guide work being taken away from him by the more tailored guides from the capital Dar es Salaam.

To help him out, our friends decided to start an Instagram account for him, which they update on his behalf, with their photos from Zanzibar – as regularly as they can.

Today he has almost 800 followers, and his business has grown multiple fold. He has even managed provide for a bigger and better home for his family.

Lesson: simple ideas can go a long way and have deep impact #startwithsomething

Check out the account here.

If you ever go to Zanzibar, do connect with him, you will not be disappointed!

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