The Sameness Project: Unity in diversity

I came across this project a few years ago and remember being really moved by it.

As much as our world today is global, it is also increasingly divided, making projects that unite invaluable. The Sameness Project is a social business that wants to reinforce the message that ‘we are all the same’ through everything it does. All products and services they offer facilitate ‘moments of sameness’.

The beauty of this impactful thought is its simplicity. Great executions of this idea include these projects:

Soles & Stories: They got 9 nannies in Dubai to design their own Tom’s that were later auctioned. Money went back to the nannies. A really simple idea, with deep impact.

We’ve got your back: This project connected fitness professionals with taxi drivers and construction workers to help reduce the physical impact of their daily jobs. Again, a really simple idea with great impact.

It is a truly innovative execution to spread awareness on a global issue, reminding us that no matter where we are from or how we look, or where we live or how we look, we are all humans.


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